How and where to buy Bitcoins?

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How and where to buy Bitcoins? in spanish tittle ¿Como y donde comprar Bitcoins?

  1. How to buy Bitcoins?
    After the last big increase in the price of crypto, many are still wondering how to buy Bitcoin. The public’s attention to cryptocurrencies continues to increase exponentially. As shown, we can see that the search for the word “Bitcoin” in the Google search engine increased up to three times as the price of the asset increased. After going through a complicated 2018, the Bitcoin is still “alive and kicking”.

In the midst of the great interest that exists to enter the market, it is necessary that we evaluate legitimate and safe options to buy Bitcoin with the different means of payment that we have available throughout Latin America and Europe.Methods to buy Bitcoin safely
In a didactic way we can say that we have 3 methods to buy Bitcoin safely. First we have the Exchanges that accept Bitcoin with our Fiat coins, second we can highlight the ATMs or Bitcoin ATMs in which we can buy the cryptocurrency by means of cash (and even some work with debit / credit cards) and finally we have Peer-to-Peer or P2P market portals that offer an escrow service to secure transactions.

2. It is also possible to buy by means of direct purchases, without intermediaries, between two people. However, this method may not be 100% safe for both the buyer and the seller. There may be scams or thefts and due to the scarce legal regulation of the cryptoactive market, there are few resources that can be tried to recover the damage.

3. Buy Bitcoin in an Exchange
The Exchange, just for this study, can be subdivided into two types; Portals that only allow the purchase and do not have an internal wallet or an internal market and we also have portals that do have the wallet service or purses and trade for integrated trading.

Whatever type of exchange we use, we will find a centralized system where we can buy Bitcoin in exchange for Fiat currency in a very simple way. Most of these exchanges will ask us to deliver our personal information so that we can go through a Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

The Exchanges, however global, do not offer options to buy with all the FIAT currencies and especially for Latin America, the options are limited. Given this situation, we need to go to regional exchanges that accept our local currencies for the purchase of Bitcoin.

4. Buy Bitcoin in Spain through an Exchange
As the Euro is the local currency within Spain, there are many options to buy Bitcoin within the Iberian country. Most exchanges have options for operations within the European Union, we will specify here some that are both safe and profitable.

It is one of the most used exchanges in the world and works very well to buy bitcoin with euros. Particularly for the citizens of the European Union, Bitcoin can be purchased with a credit or debit card, bank transfer and even the PayPal online payment method.

If you have questions about how to sell Bitcoin once you have already purchased it, Coinbase also offers several withdrawal options so that we can exchange the cryptocurrencies purchased by our local Fiat currency.

If we talk about exchanges with support and hierarchy within the market, we have to talk about Kraken. This US Exchange allows the purchase of Bitcoin and another 18 cryptocurrencies with the euro. What we must highlight is that to buy on this site only accept bank transfers from European banks.

5. Buy Bitcoin in Argentina through an Exchange
The Bitcoin trade in Argentina is very significant. Having the second highest inflation in Latin America has meant that many investors, traders and individuals see in cryptocurrencies an efficient saving method.

The Exchange to buy Bitcoin largest in the southern nation and one of the largest in the continent. It has been growing in recent years and has been presented as a very good option to buy Bitcoin with Argentine pesos. In addition, it offers its users several payment options: Bank transfers, credit / debit cards or cash through the use of MercadoPago.

6. Buy Bitcoin in Venezuela through an Exchange
Venezuela is another of the South American nations where cryptocurrencies have served as an escape to a voracious domestic inflationary economy. Government regulations and the complications that these generate for the attainment of dollars have led more and more people to focus on cryptocurrencies and evaluate their capabilities as a refuge of value and a method of payment.

7. Buy Bitcoin at ATM
Bitcoin ATMs are one of the technological developments that are still growing. Thanks to the popularity that cryptocurrencies have received among all types of people, Bitcoin ATMs have started to become popular in shopping centers, technology stores and even banks.

Around the world, there are some 4529 ATMs, according to data provided by Coin ATM Radar. These ATMs are deployed in 77 countries, with the United States being the nation with the most ATMs within its territory.

Why make an ATM to buy Bitcoin?
These ATMs help facilitate the adoption process for a person who knows about cryptocurrencies. Everyone knows how to use an ATM and its use can make the purchase of Bitcoin look more “safe” or “simple” for a person who does not understand how to buy the cryptocurrency through a web page.

How is the process to buy Bitcoin at an ATM?
Cashiers work very easily, you have to remember that they are oriented so that they are. The first step that we are asked to comply with is that we specify the amount of Bitcoin we want to buy. Later they ask us to give the address of the wallet where we expect to receive the BItcoin. As a last step, the cashier will tell us how much we have to pay so that finally we proceed to deposit the cash.

Buy Bitcoin Spain at ATMs
Kissing in the information provided by Coin ATM Radar, Spain is the 5th country with the highest number of ATMs to buy Bitcoin worldwide. In total there are 85 ATMs scattered throughout the Spanish territory. We can find 22 ATMs in the region of Catalonia and 12 in the capital, Madrid.

Buy Bitcoin Argentina at ATMs
As we mentioned before, the Bitcoin boom is real within the southern nation and this has generated an ATM establishment within the nation. According to the data provided by Coin ATM Radar, Argentina has a total of 9 ATMs and all of them are concentrated in its capital, Buenos Aires.

Buy Bitcoin Colombia at ATMs
The impact of Bitcoin ATMs in Colombia has been truly significant and has managed to pose the nation as the country with the most ATMs in Latin America. It has a total of 35 ATMs, according to the data shown by Coin ATM Radar. The region that has the most ATMs is its capital, Bogotá, followed by Medellín.

Buy Bitcoin Mexico at ATMs
The impulse of cryptocurrencies in Mexico has been giving a lot of talk for some time. The ATMs have been gaining popularity within the nation and this has allowed to open up to a total of 12 ATMs throughout the country. Mexico City is the zone with the most ATMs, followed by Guadalajara.

8. Buy Bitcoin in a P2P market
Peer-to-Peer markets are very popular within the cryptocurrency market. They combine the best of decentralization by allowing peer-to-peer commerce while providing the security of centralized systems by using a Escrow service to ensure the completion of transactions.

The Escrow system causes the platform to withhold payments (it usually withholds the payment of cryptocurrencies because this transaction is irreversible) to ensure that all parties comply with their obligations in the middle of the transaction.

There are several platforms that allow Peer-to-Peer trading. In this section we will analyze those that allow you to buy with local currencies in Latin America.

It is perhaps the most popular platform in the world for the Bitcoin P2P market. Particularly in Latin America, LocalBitcoins has been one of the most used portals for the purchase and sale of Bitcoins with their local currencies.

To evaluate the impact of this platform, we will use as a guide the metrics and statistics presented by CoinDance on Bitcoin trade in different Latin American countries.

LocalBitcoins in Venezuela
Many claim that LocalBitcoins is the most used platform to buy Bitcoin in Venezuela and although we do not know for sure if this statement is true, if we can see that the commerce on the platform is quite high. According to CoinDance, the week that has had the most movement in Venezuelan national trade was the week of February 9 to 16 and it was commercialized with 2487 Bitcoins. The last week that we have access to in the study was from March 30 to April 6 and a total of 1574 Bitcoins were commercialized.

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